About Summera Nisar

About me


A thriving experienced professional with a pragmatic approach, clear objectives of life and career.
I am determined to be a part of global working environment for better learning. While working with
diverse nationalities I would like to learn how to negotiate bigger work challenges.


  • 2008 - 2021
    University of Gujrat



  • 2018 - 2021

    public relations officer

    Developed planning and implementation skills while planning for students learning objectives
    and its lesson plan implementation.
    • Evaluation skills were developed during visits conducted for performance check of teachers
    and principals along with providing constructive feedback.
    • Observation and facilitation skills were polished in frequent visits to schools, to counsel,
    principals and teacher and provide constructive feedback for improvement and assist in
    academic related matters through DEMO lessons and presentation in real classroom
    situations to clarify any misconception.
    • Coordination skills came into existence when I did training need assessments to
    arrange pre-service and in-service training under the guidance of regional and head once